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Appetite Suppression with


Lifewave patches may be small, but they are powerful. 

No injections, pills, or anything to ingest.  Just a little dot you place on an acupuncture point.

And when they are paired with the SHAPE ReClaimed Program and SHAPE Drops, they become a dynamic process for weight loss.

Dr. Carrie recommends the Lifewave SP6 patch, paired with the X39 patch, to normalize hormones and control appetite.

Go to to learn more.

Click on the pdf below to learn how to sign up for wholesale pricing.

Lifewave Detox

In the Natural Health World there are hundreds of different detoxes on the market.

If you've tried any of them you know some are too harsh, some are ineffective, or some are just a waste of time and money.

We recommend a certain detox which helps to open the (B.U.L.L.S.) Bowels, Urinary, Liver, Lymphatics, and Skin Elimination Channels.

The program has been proven to be gentle, effective, and powerful.

Dr. Carrie recommends Lifewave patches as the most powerful and gentle detox for anyone looking to cleanse their body.

How to Order

In order to gain wholesale pricing for the Lifewave patches,

you will need to enroll as a wholesale member.

This is the link for

wholesale member enrollment:

If you find the Lifewave enrollment process

is not "user friendly",

click on the pdf image below to find a helpful document

which provides detailed instructions for how to 

enroll as a wholesale customer.

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