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Hi there!

      This is Carrie Brown, BCTN, MH.  I'm so glad you found our website!  My one and only goal as a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and Master Herbalist is to help people. 


And, boy! what a time to help others. 


The pandemic has created crazy health challenges in even the healthiest of people.  Whether you have chosen to vaccinate or not, something has caused you to seek out help.  Something has gone awry and you have exhausted all means of help.


Help for symptoms such as:

  • hair loss

  • extreme fatigue

  • weakness

  • heart issues

  • lung issues

  • dizziness

  • dry skin

  • gum and teeth sensitivities

  • brain fog

  • anxiety 

  • cognitive difficulties

  • forgetfulness

  • sleep issues

  • hormonal issues

  • menstruation abnormalities


Or do you have more symptoms on the long list of symptoms now termed "Long Haul Covid-19"? 


"Long Haul Syndrome", or "Post-Covid Syndrome" continues to grow as the months and years tick by.​  But you are not alone in your struggle.  I am here to help you every step of the way. 


Together we CAN beat this.  

My Story

Dr. Carrie Brown, ND in a field of lavender.

I imagine you would like to know more about me before you trust me with your health journey.  That's understandable.  I would do the same.  But to know me would take a book, or maybe a volume of books.  But who has the time to read that much, let alone write it?  So I'll just give you the highlights.

My natural health journey began as a kid.  My mom was not a hippy in lifestyle--she wore her bra instead of burning it, she stayed home and grew a garden instead of marching in the streets, and she baked her own bread instead of baking marijuana in brownies.  But if there was such a thing as being a hippy which loved God and loved her family and wasn't political, then she was a hippy. 

And WOW! was she a cook.  I loved her food.  My fondest memories are around the table at night discovering what new recipe she was trying, or getting off the school bus ravenous and opening the front door to be blown away by the smell of bread baking or supper cooking.  The only thing she cooked that I ever hated was liver--not even a cupful of ketchup could smother that flavor.  But I ate just one chicken liver to satisfy my mom.  She was convinced they were healthy and we had to eat them semi-annually to maintain our health. 

My childhood was full of sunshine, good food, and reading books.  And I loved it.

Fast forward to my time as a young mom with my four kids.  I wanted them to have the same love affair with food as I did so I began to cook and research food.  Eventually this led to me baking my own bread and raising my own garden as well.  I had no idea my mom was the first "Crunchy Mom".  I followed in her footsteps as much as I could.  My children's friends called our family "Health Nuts" because we drank water, limited sweets, ate almost everything from scratch and from the garden.  I laughed to myself because these same kids always wanted to eat with us.  Our food was always so much better, so who could blame them?

Everything was bliss until we started to realize something was amiss with my youngest son's arm.  It didn't straighten all the way, and his neck seemed to lack range of motion.  I took him to our pediatrician and they were the first ones to utter the devastating words, "He has a disease or syndrome".  It felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut.  Words cannot describe the feelings which flooded my mind.  My husband and I were wrecked. 

Numbness and shock muffled the next few weeks.   The pediatrician had referred us on to a specialist.  I don't remember which type because it was only one in a long string of specialists we were referred to over the course of the next decade.  Finally, we found the right doctor who could get us answers.  And they finally diagnosed him and my other two sons with a rare syndrome called Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy Type 6.  It was a weird kind of relief--knowing what he had after ten years of searching--followed closely with a new wave of devastation.  

Once we finished our grieving over the new diagnosis, we found a natural health practitioner in Plano, Tx to help him.  It was during this time I felt like God showed me my purpose.  I knew what I was meant to do!  I knew there were others in my shoes who were hurt and sick and searching for answers.  I wanted to help them find answers to their health challenges as I found answers to ours.  As soon as I could, I enrolled at Trinity School of Natural Health in their Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist programs.  

Today, I hope you will allow me to come alongside of you and guide you in the journey towards improved health.  Schedule your consultation with me now, and let's begin!


You need help, and I am ready to help you. 

Let's do this.

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